Sensory Room

Located at our second location, On Purpose Psyche offers a multi-sensory environment for clients that have a sensory processing disorder or sensory integration disorder. The Sensory room provides an engaging space that reduces agitation and anxiety and encourages communication and exploration. The unique environment can be extremely therapeutic and is a core component of sensory integrative therapy.

Sensory Room Drop-in: Through On Purpose Psyche's Sensory Superstars Program, parents will have the ability to sign up to "drop off" their kid to participate in one hour of therapeutic play in our sensory room. During this hour of sensory play, your child will be accompanied by a therapist associated with OPP. (This therapist may not be your child's individual therapist.)

Lindsey Day, Anthony Penton, Brittney Schultz, Kelly Kolimas, Harley Hess, Theresa Kerner, Brooke Huckabay

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