Kids Groups


Confidence Club is a social skills group for kids preschool to middle school age. This is a place for kids to come together to learn and integrate the skills necessary for positive development. This group provides a fun and engaging environment where children can practice emotional regulation, socialize with their peers, gain social and conversational skills, increase their confidence, and build friendships. Weekly topics include (but not limited to!): self-control, anger management, mindfulness, coping mechanisms, positive body image, health and nutrition, and more!

Does your child crave sensory seeking activities? Does your child enjoy continuous movement? As a Sensory Superstar, kiddos will enjoy the fun and challenging activities designed to improve and develop automatic and appropriate responses to environmental experiences so that they can improve function in their daily lives. Benefits of becoming a Sensory Superstar: Build strength, coordination, balance, increased agility, and postural control skills. Build safety awareness and direction following. Help children identify arousal and the tools to help regulate.


Our program will help boys impacted by ADHD to have better self-esteem, self-control, and behavior. We use a combination of behavioral and cognitive techniques to help our kiddos succeed in the overall goals of the group. Our work is done in tandem with parents, with a good portion of the work done at home.