Couples often come to therapy because they feel stuck in their relationship. Intimacy is buried under resentment, criticism, and communication issues. Through the course of therapy, the therapist at On Purpose Psyche will offer you the opportunity to build a new understanding of your relationship that will help you move forward. We support couples in their process to discover ways to maintain a healthy balance between independence and togetherness as well as build new skills to sustain mutual happiness. Couples therapy transforms anger and defensiveness into effective ways of communicating so you both can feel heard and understood. In our therapy sessions, we explore underlying beliefs, attitudes, and individual differences that trigger and build problems. Our therapists provide services for couples that center around:

1.Exploring each partner's hopes and fears about the future of the relationship.
2.Premarital conversations: start early building trust.
3.Reconnecting/restoring intimacy and passion in your life.
4. Recovering from the anguish of infidelity.
5.To stay or to go: helping you make divorce decisions vs. marital commitment.
6.Transitioning to parenthood: are you emotionally prepared to parent?
7.Engaging in conversations regarding how to increase the level of intimacy in your relationship.

Monica Rodriguez, Alex Luber, Caitlin Ziegler,  Sharon Gaffney,  Brooke Huckabay,