OPP Career Coaching

For 7 years, I have been helping students and young professionals identify and actualize their life/career dreams. With coaching, my clients have outperformed their peers in school and in their job acquisition. This changing education and economic landscape is beyond challenging and having a coach in your corner could make all the difference. I work with my clients to identify who they are at their core. It's easy to lose sight of our own strengths, interests, values, personality, and purpose in times of instability. It's especially tough when our k12 system rarely affords students the opportunity to do this deep level self-awareness. This process undeniably creates insights and from those insights we develop a vivid life and career dream. Then, I help my clients create a plan that will help them move toward that vision. With accountability, encouragement and resources - my clients have found undeniable value from my coaching services. This transformation happens in 3 months and 6 coaching sessions. This could be an amazing opportunity for high school students now going to school part-time or are now home-schooled for the first time College students that are leaving for college, taking a gap year, or doing their coursework from home The recent graduate or young professional that is having a tough time with their career transition.I have worked with hundreds of clients (you can read the testimonials on my website, Facebook page and Linked In). I truly believe that we become better people and live better lives when we dream big and find the courage to move toward those big dreams. I would love to talk with you about what I do, the value I have brought to my clients, and see if coaching is a good fit for you (and your family). Set up a free consultation to see if this is a good fit. 

Ryan Grady

Contact Information:
Phone: 415-686-7213
Website: www.ryangradycoaching.com